Charging System Upgrades

Charging system upgrades usually involve the replacement of the original generator based system with an alternator based system. Automobile generators rarely output more than 25-30 amps, which is usually adequate for a stock vehicle, but can fall short when high energy ignitions, large electrical cooling fans, and stereo systems are installed. Generators are also prone to failure when driven for extended periods on hot days. Since modern alternators usually produce a minimum of 60 amps (and as much as 150 amps), they can easily handle just about any demand the vehicle owner can put on it. For the Sunbeam Tiger, I like to use either the Ford/Motorcraft or GM/Delco units. GM/Delco units are internally regulated and require no external voltage regulator, thus reducing wiring and component costs. For Tigers, we sell an aluminum alternator bracket modeled after the Tiger MkII original (see parts section). We can provide specially fabricated brackets for other vehicles as well.

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