Services include anything from installation of stock off-the shelf wiring harnesses, to custom built one-off wiring systems. Many of our older cars had marginally adequate electrical systems, but were occasionally subject to catastrophic failure or meltdown due to a lack of built-in protection such as the use of fuses or circuit breakers. British cars of the 50's & 60's, for example, typically used only two fuses for the entire system, leaving lighting, fuel pumps, and other items unprotected. Although many stock or show car customers prefer to leave the wiring as the factory made it, I am seeing a growing trend towards a fully protected system for those customers who intend to seriously use their vehicles. Many owners would like to install additional electrical devices such as interior lights, gauges, back-up lights, clocks, radios, etc. as well as hidden fuel & ignition cut-off switches. At Reisentz Restorations, not only can we create a customized wiring harness to suit your needs, but we can make it look as if it was built and installed by the factory.

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